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Pop Up Socket - Promotional Gifts Pop Socket is a Slim expandable mobile stand. It has a secure grip so you can text with one hand, take better photos, and prevents the phone from slipping. It has a very strong grip double tape which doesn't come off easily. The Pop Socket can be easily stuck to the phone and flat surface. Since it can be stuck behind the phone it becomes a mobile stand enabling you to while talk, watch videos or play games The back of the Pop Socket has ample space or branding and thus makes for a great corporate gift. pop-socket-is-a-slim-expandable-mobile-stand.-it-has-a-secure-grip-so-you-can-text-with-one-hand,-take-better-photos,-and-prevents-the-phone-from-slipping.- it-has-a-very-strong-grip-double-tape-which-doesn't-come-off-easily.-the-pop-socket-can-be-easily-stuck-to-the-phone-and-flat-surface.-since-it-can-be-stuck-behind-the-phone-it-becomes-a-mobile-stand-enabling-you-to-while-talk,-watch-videos-or-play-games- the-back-of-the-pop-socket-has-ample-space-or-branding-and-thus-makes-for-a-great-corporate-gift./b116
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