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Headed for a meeting ? Carry this smart looking dual sided visiting card holder. Since it has two sides to it it makes it very easy to segregate the cards, one side you can carry your card and the other side you can keep the client's cards. Our prestigious client "BTVi" selected the dual side visiting card holder for it's sales team to make sure they present themselves in a smart way. Laser engraving can be done on the metal plate of the visiting card holder. We have a large number of visiting card holders in leather, leatherette and steel..,-one-side-you-can-carry-your-card-and-the-other-side-you-can-keep-the-client's-cards. our-prestigious-client-"btvi"-selected-the-dual-side-visiting-card-holder-for-it's-sales-team-to-make-sure-they-present-themselves-in-a-smart-way. laser-engraving-can-be-done-on-the-metal-plate-of-the-visiting-card-holder. we-have-a-large-number-of-visiting-card-holders-in-leather,-leatherette-and-steel../b32
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