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Giftt Hub's unique corporate gifting product for today is "The Smart Mug". Once this mug is kept on the table or any surface it gets stuck and doesn't fall but when you can easily lift it because of it's vacuum grip mechanism. The smart mug retains the temperature of the liquid as it has double wall insulation inside the mug. This smart and trendy mug has a food grade stainless steel inner shell. The unique spill proof lid makes it a preferred corporate gift. The smart mug is made in such way that it can be easily fit into the car cup slot. It is dishwasher safe and BPA free as well You can push it, shove it, slap it but till you don't lift it straight it won't fall. The smart mug is a stylish, user friendly and attractive corporate gifting product. To view more corporate gifting or promotional gift range check out or website - For any queries mail us at - Call us at - 022-40129492's-unique-corporate-gifting-product-for-today-is-"the-smart-mug".-once-this-mug-is-kept-on-the-table-or-any-surface-it-gets-stuck-and-doesn't-fall-but-when-you-can-easily-lift-it-because-of-it's-vacuum-grip-mechanism. the-smart-mug-retains-the-temperature-of-the-liquid-as-it-has-double-wall-insulation-inside-the-mug.-this-smart-and-trendy-mug-has-a-food-grade-stainless-steel-inner-shell.-the-unique-spill-proof-lid-makes-it-a-preferred-corporate-gift. the-smart-mug-is-made-in-such-way-that-it-can-be-easily-fit-into-the-car-cup-slot. it-is-dishwasher-safe-and-bpa-free-as-well you-can-push-it,-shove-it,-slap-it-but-till-you-don't-lift-it-straight-it-won't-fall. the-smart-mug-is-a-stylish,-user-friendly-and-attractive-corporate-gifting-product. call-us-at--022-40129492/b18
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