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Giftt Hub - Corporate gifting manufactures and suppliers. Solar camping light is not just a great corporate gift but a very product that can given in our rural India. This unique solar lantern can be charged with electricity as well. It has steel handles and thus can be hung any where. Since it has a steel body it is very sturdy. It has ample branding space making it a perfect promotional giveaway. solar-camping-light-is-not-just-a-great-corporate-gift-but-a-very-product-that-can-given-in-our-rural-india. this-unique-solar-lantern-can-be-charged-with-electricity-as-well.-it-has-steel-handles-and-thus-can-be-hung-any-where.-since-it-has-a-steel-body-it-is-very-sturdy.- it-has-ample-branding-space-making-it-a-perfect-promotional-giveaway./b79
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